About GrowPeanuts.com

Growpeanuts.com started as a small project but slowly grew into a bigger and bigger website. I started researching on the internet how peanuts were grown, I was quite dissatisfied when I found out that there was actually not a single website that could explain the growth process of the peanut plant in a simple yet professional way. I thus started researching on more academic oriented websites and in online libraries, I had ultimately found a bunch of good information but all this information was quite difficult to read and comprehend. At the end of my journey I started thinking about the idea to create my very own website covering the subject of growing peanuts, and "translating" all the academic language into plain simple English so that everybody who wants to learn about peanuts CAN learn about peanuts. And here it is: a brand new educative website covering everything related to peanuts and peanut plants, its growth process and even some information on other nuts such as the pistachio nut and the almond.